Nekojishi: Lin & Partners Announced

Nekojishi: Lin & Partners, an adventure-RPG of Taiwanese folklore, animal spirit guys, and property development coming to Nintendo Switch™, PC, and MAC.

Earlier this month we announced our latest game, Nekojishi: Lin & Partners, the follow up to Nekojishi! We're halfway through a successful Kickstarter for the game so go and head on over there to check it out, pre-order the game, and pick up some exclusive merchandise!

Watch the trailer above or check out a few screenshots and a summary below! This game has been a big work for us over the past 2 years since Nekojishi was released so we hope you all look forward to Liao and the cats new adventure dropping next year!

About the Game

An adventure torn between tradition, animal spirits, and woebegone property owners. Adventure through Taiwan and uncover the secrets of the spiritual world as you get to know animal gods and spirits who all have their own reasons for messing with you and the world of the living.

Nekojishi: Lin & Partners is an adventure-RPG that combines adventure game gameplay with real-time debate combat!


  • Explore Taiwan and uncover the secrets of the spiritual world in a cute, narrative focused adventure-RPG.
  • Interact with characters to learn more about their world and find info along the way.
  • Face off against spirits in debates using collected info to help bring them to your side.
  • Delve into a game deep with world history and references to religion and traditions based in Taiwan.

Explore a wide game world, talk to characters, and help them out in quests— solving puzzles and learning more about local history and traditions. When things come to a head, you'll need to prove the truth and face-off against spirits in real-time RPG debate battles. Make smart use of the information you've acquired to face every rebuttal of your opponents!


Take the reins at Lin & Partners Architects LLP, an architecture firm specialising in the restoration of haunted locations, and solving the problems of the beast-man spirits dwelling within them.

As Lin & Partners grows, a larger company looms near. Liao and the others must uncover their motives and ideals for tradition in modern society.

The story of Lin & Partners takes place as Liao and the others start up their new business venture. Connect with both old and new faces as Liao finds himself deep within the world of gods and spirits once more!

To learn more about the game, please refer to the crowdfunding page live on Kickstarter.

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will this game still be a thing?

We're still working on it! You can find our latest update on the game here:

I want the game to come out as soon as possible and I want to see a new trailer


Not quiet the direction I was hoping you would go with a sequel, but Ill support this all the same.  I miss my kitties, particularly the aborigine.

i miss kulau too...i need him

(1 edit)

Looks interresting, but a pity that have do not android version.

looks amazing...might have to buy a dumbass switch for this. Also, will it be fully voiced or just text?

At the moment it'll be text only but we'll be able to do VA if we manage to hit our next stretch goal in the Kickstarter. Thanks for the interest! 👏

I was wondering if it doesn't hit the VA goal is there a possibility for it to still happen as an add-on/dlc to the game at a later date? Also curious if there will be any romance in the game?


No romance?

(1 edit) (+1)

I would miss romance too. But in the novel. Had only one time of kiss/stuff with each character in the end of the story. It after several hours of game for a minute of romance!!! I loved the game but I wanted more but I just used my imagination.

Anyway it was a very good game... ops Novel.