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pls gimmie limited edition 18+ patch :-: My pc broke and I had to buy another one and now this patch is unavailable to download xc

Are there chapters it kinda just ended on a cliff hanger and i was wondering if there will be more? 


Hi there! The game has a bunch of endings so if you haven't gone for those I would recommend starting again and giving it another shot. 👏

Did you just get the one ending? When i first played it, I got a bunch of the depressing endings and they just kinda end right there - I've yet to get any of the happy ones lol.

I hope there is an android version for this game.


... Was the limited edition patch removed? I can't seem to find it anywhere. 

Me neither.

It was removed, but can still be found via the way back machine. [I found this link on the steam forums.]

Translate the page to english, then follow the links.


it's pretty darn interesting how a Yiff game turned into a actual Nintendo Switch game


The trailers for the switch game look really good too. Hopefully the number of super depressing endings aren't the same in the sequel. 

Will there be an Android version because I want to play this very badly but there's no Android version


I've never played the game before but I've heard great things about. I downloaded way back when, however I didn't touch it because I didn't connect with the folklore and region personally. I liked the writing and the glossary of info was really nice to understand everything, but it just kept me from being invested on a personal scale.

Now, having spent time playing and completing the routes, I must say that I can see why your game is so great and the praise is well earned. As a fellow developer, your usage of sound and effects quickly made this stand out, on top of your accounting of lighting in the sprites. The UI too made me laugh a couple of times, the usage of facial sprites instead of full body made it easy to read and be invested in characters without refocusing eyesight. Really impressed me, and honestly it got me hooked by a development level more then anything. 

I just got done with the true route, and I must say that was a very unexpected twist. Kinda morbid because wouldn't it mean that THAT CHARACTER is basically in that state of being from the get go? If so I'm just wondering how as it's a little messed up, but I get why you went that way and I actually had to double read just to be sure. The other endings were great too, and while they arent vastly different it's nice to still have so many options.

Really coincidently, I saw your expanding toward the new project, sequel even. It's awesome to see you all make it to the consoles even more that the parent company is letting you considering some of the themes. I want to back if I can, even buy if it is not limited to the Switch. I saw your webpage and it's great to see you've already made the goal. 

I digress though. Seriously well done on the game and making it a must in the genre, easily earned as to why it's good. I look forward to help whither it be funding production or buying the complete new game. Thank you for making a great story and game.

Side note, I hope you have plans to explore THAT CHARACTER after what they have done. I'm considering the big donation if it means someone cracking down on that behavior even if it ended on good terms.


I want these cats to fuck me

Nice game keep it up!


Hi there! I just last night finished playing through your Visual Novel. I had downloaded it about a month ago but a lot of things kept me so busy I never got around to actually finishing it. Last night, I pretty much marathoned the entire story, getting all 12 endings. I want to fist say I absolutely loved the story. I did notice the occasional typo here and there but it was nothing that took away from the enjoyment of the story itself. You made quite a wonderful story, and I loved the characters in it. I was sad with some endings and happy with others. Currently, I have the main story and the Limited Edition patch, but I'm also considering picking up the Expansion as well.

Overall, it was an amazing story, and I loved reading it so much that I wanted to ask a question. I do a lot of Let's Plays of games and visual novels on my Youtube channel. I found it so enjoyable that I wanted to ask if it would be alright for me to do a Let's Play of Nekojishi. I would of course fully credit you and link to your page here, as I do with all visual novels I cover. I know there have been others that have covered it on Youtube, but I would like permission to do so if I may as well.

Thank you for your time, and for creating a truly amazing story. As a side note, of the three, Leopard Cat (Shu-Chi Yan) is probably my favorite character of the three,  with Guardian Tiger (Lin Hu) and Clouded Leopard (Likulau) being too close to my liking to say I like one over the other.

I hope how good the game can be a mobile Android version

I've only played through a couple times, so I've only seen two endings. How many are there total? Based on the two I've seen, it doesn't feel like a "one per character" sort of thing.

There are indeed many endings. Check the gallery to make yourself an idea...

Deleted 71 days ago

Having just recently downloaded the story myself, and marathoned all the endings last night, I can confirm there are multiple endings. There are a total of 13 of them.

There is a Steam community page with an optimized route (using game saves) to allow you to access all endings. The wording on the choices in it differs from how it appears in the game, which I can only assume is because it's translated differently, but, having used it myself, I can confirm that the choices to pick are still clear enough for you to know which ones you need in the novel. Just google search Nekojishi endings guide and click the Steam Community link.

Is this game still in development or no?

Hi there! Nekojishi was completed in 2017 with a DLC pack released in 2018. If you want to keep up to date with our current projects in development follow us on Twitter!


Android version please

You can find the Android version made by Chinese netizens in Baidu Post Bar.Or Google search: 家有大猫百度贴吧 (copy directly in front).

Of course, if you can't speak Chinese, it's a little hard to find


Android version would be keen.

(SPOILER(pleas note that this comment is typed with a tiny bit of rage, a few drops of disappointment, and a gallon of earnest emotion) Yesterday i got the Nekojishi expansion pack: A Sunny Day and completed it the same day and loved all of it up until the end when Shu-Chi has his paws out in front of someone named grandpa and there is a bright light and he is crying and then it ends and i thought "Hmmm maybe there is more or i missed an update or something like that so i search around and find nothing and so now i am really confused and frustrated because you cant leave a cliff hanger like that i mean i get a cliff hanger that is small enough for the reader or in this case player to interpret the ending but this is just to big so pleas make a post or a second game that helps wrap it up because i am so confused. other than that great game love it to bits.   


Pretty please android pretty please


this got said before but please please please release an android apk

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Please give/sell us Android version too


I agree are there any plans to make nekojishi a mobile game as well


This looks like a really good game, with it was on Android. :( 

Any plans in the future to make it compatible with android??


there was a android apk but I don't know what happened to it


why you read this?
download this game now!
(and buy when you can for say ty).

really really really a great game (novel).


This game should be more popular. This game is now my life x3

i love this game very much


Hey Orange Juice Dog

I write here for the first to say that I love Nekojishi, and im a big fan of your work, simply could not stop when I first got started with it, everything is so well done and i must say it brought many tears to my eyes.

and love the expantion that you made, to give the game just a little more finishing touch to it.

but the reason I write here is to hear if you have plans to make more games, whether it is something with the nekojishi world or something else? just want to hear if you were going to make more games, because you make heartwarming games, that i would love to see more of.


Thanks for enjoying our game! We're definitely working on something new that we hope to be able to share with everyone in the coming months. Best bet to keep up to date is to follow our Facebook ( and Twitter (@NekojishiTW) for all the latest announcements! 

I will look forward to that, and that I will

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Hi there, these CG's are a part of the Nekojishi Expansion Pack: A Sunny Day which you can buy here. ( For spoiler reasons it would be appreciated if you remove the images from your post since this appears right under the game and contains an image from right at the end of the game! Thanks for your interest. Feel free to email us at if you have any further questions!

Thank you very much for replying, and it's all good now for the spoilers.


Thanks for being a champ and removing the spoilers! Hope you enjoyed the game! 😺

Hi, is there going to be an Android version? I'd like to see that alot. I would then support you. 

I don't own a pc yet, sadly even so I am not that young... If not I have to wait then.


Hi there, unfortunately there is no Android version planned at this time. However, the game is playable on pretty much any Windows, MacOS or Linux computer.  Hope you'll be able to play it one day! 👏

One day, yes. I am looking forward to it ;)

Thanks for the answer anyways.

I want help I play Nekojinshi in Steam but with steam i dont play

 sex scene.

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Hi there, the original version of Nekojish is completely SFW and available both here and on Steam. Nekojishi will never have NSFW content unless you install the Limited Edition patch. Thanks for commenting, and let me know if there's anything else you need help with!

I'm actually curious, what happened to the Limited Edition patch anyways?

Pls make a android version...

I love that game <3 But will you make part two or something like that besides dlc? I would love to see more of Lin Hu <3

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Pls, help me. I can't play nekojishi anymore. Weill whenever I am in the hell part the game goes black and goes back to the start page. How to fix it? Or is this the game and xD😂? I think it isn't the end. It's a bug. But how can I fix it? 

First that as I awake in the cave:Than I click for the next text. Baaam I am at the start page. Why??

Bug help my please.

I have a video on Google drive for you. Please help me!! 

Link to the video with the bug:

Tell my with my email :


Hi there! That's the intended end of that particular route of the game so there's no bug. Try playing through the game again making different decisions and you'll see different endings. Hint: You can check the gallery on the main menu for an overview of all the endings available. 


But I see a YouTube video. A nekojishi gameplay. And the makes the same choices than me. But he hasn't this problem. And why is the game end in a cave? I wish my better ends for the next update. No ends in the middle of a game. 


My best guess would be that they must have made some other choices to you as there's another ending that has a similar scene but continues on past that point. If you need any help you can always try and look up a guide for the game. Hope that helps!

Thank you for your suggestion, but I also got on the idea about 2 days late.  Too bad is that there are so many sad endings and And some of the endings also let you get the feeling that the game is crashed or that the game is incomplete and unfinished. Overall, the game is really well done and has almost no improvement options. The only thing I would improve would be the endings not so fast and they don't mess you up like that. You have the feeling that the endings only goes a few minutes and the rest several hours. 

Nevertheless, my respect goes to the game manufacturers and helpers. Keep it up. 

Sorry for my english, but I come from Germanny and I am not so well in write English and speaking english. I hope my English is Okey and you can accept my English skills.


When will the android version is out?? I wanted to play it in my phone


I wish it could be available on android


same. I played it on pc and i'd love to have it mobile like all the other good VN.

How do I install the game o Windows 10? I have the .zip file downloaded and extracted, but I can't open the Application. (also I downloaded Direct X)

Hi LionFang! Could you give me some more details? Is there any error code that appears when you try to open the game?

It's unlikely on Windows 10 but there's a chance you might not have Python installed on your computer. (You can download the latest version of python from

So question In the end SPOILER ALERT IF YOU DIDNT READ YET BTW if you dont stay with tiger you die? like what? 


Hi there! We suggest you finish all the endings first! 🤫


Hey, Quick question,  are there nsfw scenes withOUT LE version?


There are no NSFW scenes in Nekojishi unless you download the Limited Edition patch. The Limited Edition is also considered a non-canon bonus version  if that matters to you! Thanks for your question!


thanks for the answer!


orange jiuce dog are you or team nekojishi is making this game available on android phones? i actually saw on youtube that many people are requesting it to be compatible on phones


Hi there! We've considered porting the game to mobiles based on player feedback, however we have no plans to do so currently. If we were to do it, we'd want to do it right, and that would include remaking all the UI to work with a touchscreen. Thanks for your input!

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